Shops We Love: A Mano


After a generation of pinners, curated shops of artisanal wares, and explosive DIY blogs have hit the web, the word "handmade" has gotten a whole new meaning. Its former associations with junky and low quality are a thing of the past—through several outlets, we've been taught that items made by hand are not only more special, but can be anywhere from cute and quirky to utterly stunning. This is what drew us in to the online shop A Mano, the brainchild of Minnesota-based photographer Louisa Podlich. Developed as a hand-picked collection of handmade wares to support artists and the people who love their work, the shop carries a stunning array of ceramic and leather goods. Here are a few of the ones that caught our eye, but with anywhere from 75 to 100 products that are refreshed often, it's worth it to see them all:
amanofeature (1)

tangled up in blue

No matter the shade, blue is the perfect accent to any home decor. Turquoise coasters and an eye-shaped print on a dish are stellar ways to start with the shade. Turquoise Hexagon Coasters, A Mano, $15. Spirit Eye Dish, A Mano, $34.

shades of green

Geometric shapes in gorgeous green and metallics are eye-catching and totally in. Green Lines Ceramic Spoon, A Mano, $28. Ceramic Treasure Dish, A Mano, $16.

for the kitchen

A utensil holder and a planter in unique shapes and colors are the ideal kitchen companions. Divided Utensil Holder, A Mano, $68. Checkered Porcelain Planter with Saucer, A Mano, $38.

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