DIY Shimmery Reindeer Silhouette


Just in time for the holidays, we've got a lovely reindeer silhouette DIY that'll glimmer and gleam among your Christmas decor, nestled between twinkling lights and a gorgeously decked out tree. And the simplicity of this DIY is sure to make decorating for the holidays merry and bright--that is, merry because of how happy you'll be from how little time it takes away from the million other things you have to do, and bright because glitter. Lots and lots of glitter. Learn how here:

the tools

The tools you need to make a DIY shimmery reindeer silhouette :

1) A blank canvas

2) Elmer's glue

3) A pencil

4) Chunky glitter

step one

Begin by sketching out an image of a reindeer silhouette with your pencil. This is actually a lot easier than it looks--we simply looked up a template and roughly copied it. For the less drawing-inclined, printing the template and tracing it may prove a better option.

step two

Take your Elmer's and trace the pencil you've sketched.

reindeer 13

step three

Then, fill the rest of the silhouette in with glue.

step four

Spread the glue to fill the crevices.

step five

Then, break out the glitter.

reindeer 6

step six

Allow the glue to dry a bit, then shake off the excess.

reindeer 8

And you're done! Allow the glitter and glue to set and dry by keeping the canvas flat overnight. Then, hang on your wall and marvel at the bright addition to your home!

reindeer 9

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