On the Set: The Witches' Academy from American Horror Story: Coven


The gripping new season of American Horror Story is eye-catching for more reasons than one: the spooky magic-and-vodoo feel conveyed by its New Orleans location, its cast of characters swathed in black, the imposing witches' academy in which most of the action takes place. Not to mention Jessica Lange's impressive performance as the Supreme (with whom you just don't mess). The show's feel is in great debt to it's wonderfully eerie set design, conveyed through off-white decor offset by striking dark structures—eggshell furnishings take on ghostly dimensions when countered by dark finishes. We also dig the soft draperies and imposing portraits lining the walls, which play the perfect complement to cold marble and shadows creeping across the floor. Click around on the interactive moodboard to see how we recreated this set with our moodboard builder. 

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