(Style) Class Is In Session: 6 Clever Decor DIY's for Dorms


For the crafty student, the average dorm room can pose a challenge. With rules like no nailing, no painting and more, it can be hard to make the space feel chic or even homey. Our suggestion: do a little DIY research. The Internet is chock-full of DIY projects, and many of them don't require doing anything too drastic to your space. After all, bloggers thrive on sharing projects that the average person can make. We found a few that just might make your student housing the chicest on the block. From fun patterns to clever solutions, here are some of our favorite DIY projects for dorms:



Image via Design*Sponge

fun patterns

We love a great DIY geometric project, and this one is no exception. Take an old sheet and turn it into something much more interesting with this simple project. You might not be able to paint the walls in your dorm, but this alternative will definitely make your space more visually interesting.

cool clock

If you can't quite find the right style clock for your space, maybe it's time to create your own. Make the time go by in style with this easy DIY clock project. We love the versatility of this idea too – we suggest experimenting with colors or even patterns for a fun look.  


Image via HGTV

unique door

There are plenty of ways to use Washi tape, but we especially love the idea of dressing up your door. The tape won't do any damage, and you can really add your own personality to an otherwise boring surface. Just a few strips of the tape can make a difference!

motivational reading

We know the hardest part of moving into the dorms is concentrating on getting homework done. When the urge to take a nap seems overwhelming, we love the idea of gazing at this motivational tapestry for a little push. The easy DIY project will surely serve you well through all your years of study.


Image via Poppytalk.


travel funds

Although this project is originally intended for honeymoon funds, we figure these DIY jars work for any money-saving purpose. Use the adorable containers as incentive to save up for that study abroad trip – or that graduation rendezvous after school ends.

chic jewelry trays

In the midst of all that moving and organizing, it's important to hang on to your favorite jewelry! We love this easy and simple idea for making little ring trays. A cute and useful way to keep those precious gems in one place.


stylish desk organization

We recently got our hands dirty by creating a desk organizer inspired by Kate Spade. Watch our video to find out how you can create your own!

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