Saturdays Are MADE for Lounging in These Egg Chairs


It's the weekend: time to relax, grab a coffee and the paper, and kick up your feet. Or, if you're into the latest trend these days—to get your feet off the ground. By that, we mean hanging egg chairs are moving up in the ranks as one of the most covetable new furnishings to add to your home. The rounded, comfy things bring the joy of suspending oneself and rocking gently and the added bonus of a cool look. Plus, we like how personal they are, in that they can only be experienced by one person at a time. As they seem like the ideal lazing around/watching/napping all weekend kind of chairs, we just had to start thinking about what they could do in our homes. Take a gander at a few of the ones that caught our eye, and get inspired to fit one into your lazy weekend plans:

Image via Inspired by Charm


Image via Keeley Kraft

natural look

These eggs have a more casual, natural look, with organic accents playing well to their devil-may-care vibe.  

Image via Marsel Roothman

artsy chairs

In poppier, artsy settings, the chairs fit in beautifully. We like the way the wicker and wood materials look next to indoor plants, too.  

Image via design*sponge


Image via Margaret Elizabeth


Image via The Style Files

want to sit

We're craving a seat in either of these, as indoors or outdoors, the chairs look just as appealing. Well, that's about as much convincing as we needed—we now know what we'll be getting with our side of bacon on this lovely weekend day.

Image via Design Indulgences.

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