7 Sassy Etsy Banners to Show Off Your Witty, Sarcastic Self


You don't need anyone to tell you what's what. You've already said it in your own words, probably a few times over, to many a snickering confidante. You, my friend, are one of the sarcastic ones—one of the folks whose sense of humor could be called "witty" or even "well played." If you've been pining for your home to show off this side of your personality in some way, your day has arrived. Here we have a few sassy banners to show off your witty, sarcastic self, with phrases that'll declare your personal sense of humor so that you don't have to (even though, inevitably, you will, because you're you). Get ready to start feeling snarky, after the jump:


If you've yet to hear about the hybrid of being hungry and angry, or rather, so hungry you become angry—welcome to a glorious new addition to your vocabulary. This banner will work perfectly in the kitchens of those who suffer from it among us.


For those that don't beat around the bush, here's a Grumpy Cat-esque banner that'll show your love for your guests, sort of.

house rules

Simple and to the point, this banner is sweet and also makes it clear that whiners will not be tolerated, thank you. 

can't stop, won't stop

If you've got it going on, why not declare it outright? This banner will continue to speak the truth, snide remark after snide remark.

get down, nineties style

A penchant for the nineties and a lively home not just warrants, but demands this banner. It's also great if you're into using formerly-cool slang ironically.


These three little letters say everything.

like, totally

If your spirit guides are Cher Horowitz and Shoshanna from Girls, say no more—here's a banner that's pretty much, like literally made for you.

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