Take a Peek at Reese Witherspoon's Ultra-Chic Home—Before it's Sold


By Eva Recinos There's no arguing that Reese Witherspoon knows a thing or two about style. So it comes as no surprise that her family home looks nothing else than chic. Even thought the actress is selling her home, we're totally entranced by many photos its rooms, and the airy, casual vibe we would expect from her based on her similar fashion choices. Each room in the home seems to operate on a perfect balance of neutral colors accentuated with bold patterns. The decor sticks to the basics and uses art, candles and vases to complement the home's open space, but in a way that's oh-so-inviting. We took inspiration from Witherspoon's home and recreated some of the rooms using moodboards. It's hard to decide which room we love the most, but we definitely have some new ideas for our own decor. Check out a few ways to recreate some of Witherspoon's ultra-chic rooms, before the place is sold and the whole home is redone: All images via Hooked on Houses.

dining in style

Reese's dining area feels impeccably airy and minimal. We especially love these oak arm chairs that complement the round shape of the simple wood table. Only the cabinets and a piece of art deviate from the room's overall neutral color palette. This set-up is a great way to keep the space open and stylish.

first impression

We love a great entryway because it gives guests just a taste of your home's style. In her entryway space, Witherspoon uses a beautiful table topped with a bright vase, gold accents and a lit candle. Those little details make the home warm and welcoming right from the beginning. We also love the use of art here because it helps to tie all these elements together.

cool bedroom

Wide blue stripes and a stylish headboard immediately draw the eye into this beautifully designed room. A nook to the side holds a desk and keeps organization easy with floating shelves. We also love the two bean bags at the base of the bed. Comfort, utility and style all blend together seamlessly in this room.  

chic living room

We love the idea of mixing furniture and this living room pulls that off quite well. A gray couch meshes with two armchairs in beige and red. This blend works well because so many other parts of the room are in neutral colors: the carpet, curtains and doors. Many of the rooms in Witherspoon's home keep things simple and that theme continues in this coffee table. It looks great with just a small pile of books and two candles.

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