Real/Deal/Steal: A Spacious Loft Living Room


Today on the menu for our real/deal/steal challenge? After many a spread on how to work with the ins-and-outs of small space living, we thought those with spacious loft situations may be left with nothing to do when it comes to their living rooms. Larger floorplans can be just as difficult to work with as tighter situations, as filling space in a way that looks elegant and not cluttered comes with its own sets of challenges. Whether you're working with a smaller or larger budget, we've come up with sets of moodboards that fulfill each price bracket. Check out how our in-house interior designer worked with this space by clicking around on the interactive moodboard, and start taking notes! 

real$10,763.89. With a larger budget, you can afford to splurge on some investment pieces that will maximize the "wow" factor in your loft space. The gorgeous $4,500 walnut and bronze end tables featured in this moodboard are just those types of pieces.

deal $3,292.55. With a medium-sized budget, it's all about finding a few special pieces that recreate the look, and making sure that everything falls within about the same price range. We love the orange wingback chair here for only $330—what a great find!

steal$1,525.39. As this moodboard shows, it's possible to recreate an amazing look at almost any budget! The items here are still structurally similar, but don't break the bank—the trick is to find versions of the items you see in the inspirational loft image at the lowest price available. (Luckily, you have our "Same Look, Different Price" button to help with that!).

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