Real/Deal/Steal: A Gloriously Sleek Kitchen with Colorful Extras


It's easy to think one could never achieve something like this stunning kitchen. From the colorblocked black-and-gray scheme to the perfectly-placed little touches of color, there's just so much thought put into every detail that one could believe that a kitchen like this must be relegated to an inspirational photo on one's pinboard, and no more. Whether it's for budgetary reasons or simply because you wouldn't even know how to go about recreating a kitchen like this, we're here to let you know that it is not only TOTALLY possible to recreate this look item by item, but could also be affordable (our last version is less than five hundred dollars!). In our real/deal/steal challenge, we put our in-house interior designer to the test and had her recreate three enviable translations of this very kitchen. While you may not be ripping out your cabinets and slating them in concrete and gray just yet, grabbing even just a few of these pieces will go a long way toward making your pinboard-only kitchen no longer the stuff of dreams:

realAt $2,100, you can get yourself an eye-catching cake painting and some high-quality, chic barstools. You can also invest in one of those of-the-moment domed pendants.



With a budget of $790, you can work some industrial black kitchen furnishings into the room. That, and a fun pop of color through that cherry print.



For a mere $415, you can get this look with some Cost Plus World Market items and a reasonably-priced, pretty piece of art.

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