Real/Deal/Steal: A Dazzling Yellow Bedroom


By Eva Recinos This week, we fell in love with a seriously unique room. A distinct yellow wallpaper sets the tone for this quirky and cozy space. After we settled in on the shade, our eyes immediately went to the stunning chandelier, and then to details like a pink headboard, vintage furniture and other too-good-to-miss features. Recreating this room could cost quite a bit, but luckily for you we put together a guide with some more affordable alternatives. For this real/deal/steal, we found some great deals that will bring this look to life. The differences are only slight when it comes to the decor items — the big difference is in the budget. Check out the ways that we would recreate this room at different price points: Image via Maya Williams.


This bright and cozy look makes great use of color, texture and little details. We love the juxtaposition of white furniture on the yellow wallpaper. If you decide to splurge, this arrangement is a great way to recreate this unique room.


Use the same wallpaper, but save money by switching up the rest of the decor. In this less expensive version, we opt for alternatives like a cheaper lamp from Hayneedle. The style is similar to the one in our first moodboard, but choosing this one will leave you with more money in your pocket.


You can find similar fun colors and patterns for much less. This look proves that with the right shopping decisions, you can recreate the same space for only $1,308. Playing with the style of pieces like the white dresser — here we use an IKEA dresser for less than $200 — can keep the look consistent but much more affordable.

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