Real vs Steal: A Gorgeous Jonathan Adler Living Room


jonathan adler

Image via Jonathan Adler.

We're always on the hunt for something we can call a "steal"—but it's very rare you'll hear it about an entire interior. Well, we've seen it with runways outfits in magazines, and figured—why can't it be about an interior? Today we present you with the first of our series "Real vs Steal," where you get to see how to recreate the real room you see above with the actual products featured in it—then, a second version at a much smaller budget. In fact, for this room we went from $11,190 to just $1,500! Check out how we did it below by clicking around on our interactive moodboards.

realHere's the real version with only gorgeous Jonathan Adler items. You could pick and choose which ones you've been dying to have, or this whole space could all be yours for $11,190.

stealOn the other hand, you could also work this room for just $1,500—on this budget, we were able to recreate the graphic look of the room with cool sea-inspired hues. Amazing, right? Time to get shopping, and feel free to create your own version by heading into the moodboard and clicking the "Same Look, Different Price" button on any of the items in it!

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