Planking Is Back, and It’s Taking Over Your Bathtub

by Kelly Anne Bonner Remember #planking? That trend where people lie flat in unusual (sometimes dangerous) situations, and broadcasted a snapshot of their accomplishment? Yeah, we didn’t really get it either when it was popular, and now we only recall it in the name of a new home decor trend that’s way less dangerous and way more relaxing. In bathtubs across America (in this case “America” translates to “Pinterest”), wooden planks are being lain across smooth rims to hold up soaps, scrubs, books, and all the rest, in order to create the most convenient and pleasant soaking experience ever. You’ll be inspired to get one of these babies once you check out how bathers have accessorized them below. Now here’s a trend we can definitely immerse ourselves in:

organic accents

A flowy, brick-laden bathroom is joined by a few plants and a final, plank-y touch.

graphic tiling

Tiling that reminds one of a graph paper works well with a pine plank.

wild horses

A calming image of wild horses complements an airy, light bath atmosphere—and a plank helps it along, too.

pretty in pink

A pretty clawfoot tub is upgraded with a pretty bunch of flowers…set on a pretty plank.

perhaps in your apartment…

This tub looks very much like an ideal apartment bathroom setup, proving that planks can accommodate even for baths built against walls. Brilliant!

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