10 Fabulous Pinterest Accounts You Should Be Following


By Eva Recinos Since its introduction, Pinterest has become a major hub for all things interior design. After all, it's an easy way to not only keep tabs on your favorite images from around the Internet, but also to curate those finds and build a personal style. Interior designers and design bloggers definitely realize this. And luckily for us, they create some seriously gorgeous Pinterest boards as a result. It's all about personality with these accounts — not only do these style mavens deliver on trends, but they also let their unique persona shine. We spend a lot of time on Pinterest — for work, of course — so we've noticed that a few Pinners keep making us click that little heart. We hope you've got a bit of free time on your hands, because these Pinterest accounts are sure to keep you scrolling and scrolling:

jessica klein / oh i design blog

As an interior designer and blogger, we figure Jessica Klein knows a thing or two about beautiful pictures. Her Pinterest definitely proves that. With an eye for pattern and modern decor, Jessica offers great inspirational material for all nooks of the home. She even chooses great images for styling your stairs. All images via Jessica Klein on Pinterest.

caitlin flemming

We love following tastemakers that talk good design but also the things that inspire interiors. Caitlin Flemming, interior designer and blogger at Sacramento Street, picks up on decor trends but also showcases typography, quotes and flowers. If all that browsing makes you hungry, she's got some great food pins, too. All images via Caitlin Flemming on Pinterest.


kevin o'gara / thou swell

17-year-old Kevin O'Gara found inspiration in an old jazz standard when starting his blog. His lifestyle blog is seriously impressive and his Pinterest highlights the teen's knack for spotting a stylish interior. For the crafty, he gathers some very chic DIY projects. Many of his boards reflect an elegant, modern style that makes him quite the style prodigy. All images via Kevin O'Gara on Pinterest.

leah bergman / freutcake

As adorable as its name suggests, Leah Bergman's food blog Freutcake dishes up recipes, decor, reviews and more. Her Pinterest boards are a fun way to find all this and more. Take for instance an entire board dedicated to donuts. We dare you not to get a snack after browsing through Leah's scrumptious picks. All images via Leah Bergman on Pinterest.

icemilk aprons

A strong sense of family and a grandmother named Cele inspired Icemilk Aprons. Through products like aprons and table linens, the brand creates a rustic style that fits well with many decor trends today. On the brand's Pinterest account you can find quite a few boards dedicated to neutral shades and others to topics like food and design. A great resource for your next rustic get-together. All images via Icemilk Aprons on Pinterest.



meg biram

Meg Biram wears a lot of hats, including artist, blogger and consultant. She does so in style and offers readers a sneak peek into her personal brand. Her Pinterest boards cover all the things that make up the chic modern woman — fashion, bold patterns, cute technological gadgets and more. For everything from organization to gift ideas, Meg's boards offer plenty to browse through. All images via Meg Biram on Pinterest.


brittany jepsen / the house that lars built

Since she worked with well-known design names like Jonathan Adler and Tiffany And Co., we figure Brittany Jepsen from The House that Lars Built is an expert in styling. Her Pinterest boards offer inspiration for beautiful rooms, fun crafts and even costume parties. Somehow, she manages to seamlessly blend decor trends with her quirky personality. Oh — and she's got a great sense of humor, too. All images via Brittany Jepsen on Pinterest.



kelly golightly

A website that describes itself as "a style guide for the modern-day Audrey Hepburns of the world," sets itself as elegant and timeless from the get-go. Kelly Golightly offers food, style, interiors and more for the chic woman. You can also find gorgeous travel photos and vintage beauties on the blog's Pinterest boards. There's plenty of material for when you might need advice on everything from picking an outfit to redesigning a room. All photos via Kelly Golightly on Pinterest.
Ava's room


waiting on martha

Named one of the top ten entertaining blogs by Better Homes and Gardens, Waiting on Martha focuses on the things that make life a little more glamorous. That includes fashion, food, interiors and more. We love the way that the blog's board feature decor for certain holidays, gorgeous inspiration for spaces and more. You can even find encouraging quotes to boost your self-confidence on any dreary day. All images via Waiting on Martha on Pinterest.

anna @ ihod

Spending just a bit of time on this Pinterest account will make you want to decorate, celebrate and more. The blog In Honor of Design gathers the best in beauty, eats and design as curated by Anna. Her Pinterest boards all dedicated to all things colorful and glitzy. We especially recommend visiting her Pinterest if you love polka dots — she's got a whole board dedicated to them All images via Anna @ IHOD on Pinterest.

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