The Perfect Dorm Decor for YOUR Major


Think you can't get into the spirit of your major via some highly original, super-thematic decor? Sounds like someone hasn't been doing their homework. What with cute and kitsch being all the rage these days, it's become increasingly easy to find novelty items in all kinds of themes. While you could design your dorm in a more traditional fashion (a collage of pictures from high school, some string lights, a poster of Bob Marley), why not take this fleeting opportunity to totally nerd-out and deck your dorm with some hilarious decor based on what you're passionate about? In fact, since you have so little space, you have no reason not to go all-out with cute kitsch decor representing your chosen path of study. Well, in our opinion, anyway. Start studying our picks for your major below:


Head of the Class Container, Modcloth, $30 

Not Soap, Radio Body Wash, Urban Outfitters, $18 

Body of Work Print Set, Modcloth, $25 


Magic Mountain Headboard Decal, Urban Outfitters, $98  

Logging Off Travel Pillow, Modcloth, $20 

H2OMG Bottle in Outdoor, Modcloth, $15 


John Keats Fine Art Print, Etsy, $24  

Chalkboard Skull, Uncovet, $46  

My Favorite Dings Mug, Modcloth, $13 


Breaking Bland Spice Rack, Modcloth, $35 

Elemental, My Dear Shaker Set, Modcloth, $18  

In the Spirit of Surprise Flask, Modcloth, $20 


One Small Stoop Doormat, Modcloth, $25  

Earth Tapestry, Urban Outfitters, $49 

Galaxy You Later Night Light, Modcloth, $8 


Free Verse Reveries Pillow Case Kit, Modcloth, $25 

Sketchbook Napkins, Urban Outfitters, $12

In Surreal Time Clock, Modcloth, $25 

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