Pantone's 2014 Color of the Year: Radiant Orchid


We're sure that by now you're heard that Pantone, the renowned color experts, have declared radiant orchid as the 2014 color of the year. (If you haven't—now you know!). Which means, undoubtedly, that you're going to be seeing a lot of it, from the runways to interior design. We scavenged just a few ways to incorporate the "it" color into your home, but we'd love to see how you guys are going for it, too. (Tag us at #adoredecor to show us how you brought the color into your home!). In the mean time, get inspired by our own translations by clicking "Get this Look" on the inspirational photos:

all over

The overboard version: if this, it turns out, is THE color you've been waiting for all along, injecting it into the walls, the flooring and even the bedding is the perfect way to balance a room. The candles add a nice accent, too.


The color, as seen here, pairs perfectly with metallics silver and gold, which means it'll be easy to incorporate if you already own neutral accents.

touch of orchid

It's not just the patterned wallpaper, how the wallpaper tints the portraits that caught our eye in this interior.


And the easiest incorporation of the color would have the be in the entryway, where orchid wallpaper sings out among neutrals and—well, not actual orchids, but close enough.

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