Painted Wooden Utensils

Needless to say, we at nousDECOR adore the rustic look—especially when, instead of buying expensive prepackaged items to achieve it, we can create it all on our own. This week we chose wooden utensils to beautify, picking three different designs that, together, achieved an interesting balance. We picture using them to make hot, fresh hot soup in the winter (possibly in a cabin if you can!) but they’ll work well in any kitchen. Dig in to this DIY project that’ll be sure to inspire your ideas for kitchen decor:


The tools you need to make DIY wooden painted kitchen utensils: 1) Wooden utensils 2) Food-safe black paint 3) Paintbrushes of different sizes 4) Pencil (not pictured)

step one

Begin by penciling a design onto the wood. We looked up different designs on Pinterest for ideas, and ended up picking three very different concepts: geometric, typographic, and one with a delicate floral pattern.

step two

Pour out your paint into a small area.

step three

Begin painting into the design areas you’ve drawn.

And that’s it! Allow to dry and you’ve got some lovely rustic spoons for cold winter nights.

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