One Room, Three Looks: A Serene and Simple Home Yoga Room


by Kelly Anne Bonner It's not always easy to find a tranquil spot in your home. Amid the chaos of disorganized shelves, laundry that still needs to be taken care of, dishes to do in the sink, and even the stuff you set down after coming home from work, locating a quiet place to sit and meditate is like trying to convince yourself you'll clean the whole house this weekend: possible, but probably not going to happen. If you have space for it, though, setting aside a room specifically for the purpose of meditating can do wonders for the mood and how much relaxation you truly get after a long day. You wouldn't have to trek back out to a yoga studio after work, as you could do your practice right in the comfort of your own home. We have three diverse suggestions from our editors for how you could take this inspiration we found at right and dress it up in total serene fashion. Start saluting to the sun in style: Inspiration Image via Ana Interiors

lots of detail

Lots of eye-catching detail is the center of focus in this moodboard version. Patterns in calm colors offset the potential for busyness—and create a chic end result.

an array of accents

This moodboard was all about the accents, with spots of gold and copper mixing well with fawn and teal. We also like the addition of dark blue to the mix.  

lighter fare

A lighter version of the space takes place in this moodboard, which features mostly white and teal as its signature, rounded out by some serene silver.

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