One Room, Three Looks: An Uber-Modern Black-and-White Living Room


By Eva Recinos You might consider your bedroom your refuge – after all, it's where you get most of your rest — but we think the living room might be the most important space of all. Think about it: it's a space where you can nap, eat, watch TV, read a book, host a happy hour and more. Over a bedroom, a space with this much versatility deserves great decor. We are swooning over this chic, minimal living room with carefully chosen details. The room sticks to basic colors, but to awesome effect — the space feels airy, clean and welcoming. Find out how our staff would bring this look to life. These are just a few ways to create a modern, stylish living room:

Inspiration Image via Evermotion.


muted contrast

This take on the room uses a few beige items to really make the black and white accents pop. It also introduces a glitzy metallic accent that's sure to look great on a round coffee table. Add a large, vertical piece of art and you've got a stylish look that will definitely impress your guests during movie night.

back to the basics

This layout really sticks to the black-and-white theme for a chic look. A vase with orchids brings a more feminine touch. Choosing an interesting pattern for the pillows instead of stripes amps up the visual interest. This is obviously the space of someone that loves taking design risks – and using lots of different patterns.

simple statement

Instead of the round coffee tables, our staffer went for cubed furniture. This choice definitely helps showcase the stripes in the pillows and carpet. A quirky chandelier adds to this playful design that makes the most out of shapes.

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