One Room, Three Looks: A Relaxed, Feminine Home Office


Our editors were at it again—this time, creating their own versions of an organized desk set-up that's also totally relaxed and feminine. March seemed like the perfect time to start thinking about redesigning our desk schemes, as it's all about spring cleaning and organization. This one in particular with its unique accents just jived with us so well. Take a look at how each of our editors translated the look into uniquely personal designs that represented their own taste by clicking around on the interactive moodboards. Then, make your own by clicking the "Create" tab at the top of the page!

simple focus

For this look, the focus was simple and sweet—furnishings and accents with light frames and palettes worked well together.

color focus

This editor noticed the colorful rug as the center of attention, and built the rest of the look around it. We love the addition of plants and wood upholstery for a natural feel.

strong focus

A look of bold visuals was achieved through stark, heavy structures and vibrant color. This interpretation creates a much more grounded look and feel to the light and airy inspiration—definitely an inspired and interesting twist on the original design.

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