One Room, Three Looks: A Fresh, Clean Dining Space

Zen experts would agree that bright, white light streaming into a space infuses it with vitality and energy. Therefore, a room blessed with access to lots of direct exposure to the sun should have a design that abides by—in reference to all that light—an if you’ve got it, flaunt it mentality. This fresh, clean dining space is a paragon of that execution. A full set of windows from corner to corner and a wash of white on the walls and ceiling make light the central focus. Natural wood furnishings and layered textures then work to create a soft, relaxed dining experience that we would say is like the design equivalent of bundling up. Such an admirably gorgeous space couldn’t pass the nD team by without us wanting to create our own executions of it. Check out how a few members of our staff translated this dining room in their own ways below—then, to get your hands on your own version of this space, head over to our moodboard builder to recreate it yourself.

foliage focus

This moodboard kept a focus on the plants in the scene and accented them with the furry layers found in the rugs. We like the contrast of darks and lights in this translation.

blue star

In this moodboard, the blue fur rug is the star of the show, and natural wood furnishings play the supporting roles. The funky pendant is a nice, contrasting touch.

soft gradient

This moodboard focuses on a soft gradient of fawns and beiges, with a few visually-interesting accents. We like how well the gold plays with this gentle palette.

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