One Room, Three Looks: Our Editors Take the Room Challenge


We love how simple it is to recreate a look on nousDECOR. By starting with an inspirational photo and picking your favorite elements out of a room, you can recreate any design with your own unique twist. One of our favorite parts about the moodboards created from this process is that, even when starting with the same inspirational photo, no two people will choose all the same items to recreate it. We are in love with the variety of interpretations you can achieve from the very same inspirational photo, and how reflective the final moodboards are of the taste and style of the person who made them. Plus, they're just fun to look at! In our very first room challenge, we put our own editors to the test and had them create moodboards on nousDECOR to come up with their own versions of our top repinned room—a gorgeous, softly-lit living space decked with gray and metallic features. Check out the interactive moodboards to see how they recreated the look, then read about why they made their unique style choices.

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