One Room, Three Looks: A Colorful Gender-Neutral Nursery



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In years past, decorating your nursery was all about figuring out how best to accommodate the room to the baby’s gender, and making sure that the space stayed within strict color schemes and kinds of toys. Nowadays? A nursery that doesn’t denote gender is all the rage. And good thing, too, as the options for decorating a nursery are limitless when you’re not confined to sugar and spice (or snails and puppy dog tails, for that matter).

Take, for example, this delightful gender-neutral nursery above. Gorgeous, swathed in white and punched up through colorful pieces, we knew there were so many ways you could recreate this look that we just had to try to ourselves. Check out the interactive moodboards created by three of our editors below.

a blue and teal combination

First up, a gender-neutral nursery featuring blue and teal accents is perfect for boys and girls. Splashes of white keep the look clean and refined.

prints and lots of color

Next, this editor found a few fun prints and a patterned blanket to liven up the scene—in colors from orange and yellow to blue and red. Going gender-neutral luckily allows you to work with whichever (and as many!) colors as you want.

simple yet coordinated

Finally, this one chose to go more simple—but not necessarily more quiet. Some light blue, some orange and a fun doll collection liven up and tie in nicely with the gray and white background palette.

Looking for help styling your gender-neutral nursery? The NousDecor team can help. Start by taking our short design quiz, and you'll be well on your way to a unique and beautiful space for your little one.

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