One Room, Three Looks: A Bohemian Kids' Playroom By Jute Design


Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 11.22.53 AM

In a world of over-the-top, overstimulating play areas for tots, this inspiration pushes back. We love how earthy tones and rich texture prevail in this kids' playroom by Jute Design, which eschews the standard noisy, colorful childrens' room furnishings for ones that exhibit free-spirit energy and a boho personality. After all, why not give the kids a more unorthodox look to their space, and encourage them to be as unconventional and original as they like? Here, three of our staff recreated this artistic, flower child-style space and attuned it to their own sensibilities—take a look to see which vibes they picked up on: 

animal house

For this look, the wildlife featured in the scene is the focal point, as an eye-catching fox print, a cardboard trophy head, and a fuzzy sheep throw mix playfully with natural additions.

faithful translation

Meanwhile, this staffer aimed for a more faithful translation, scouring our product library for the perfect replication of  that rug and those tiny tot chairs and table. We like the twist on the pendant!

woodsy accents

Finally, some organic, woodsy accents flanked by colorful additions creates a lighter take on the more solid pieces in the original scene. A copper pendant is a trendy take on kids' playroom lighting.

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