One Room, Three Looks: A Cotton Candy-Inspired Girl’s Room

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It’s not often that we’d describe a room as “fluffy.” But, then again, it’s not often when we see a room that so encourages us to think of a certain sweet treat upon looking at it, like this space above. Perhaps it’s the combination of a cloud motif, little ice cream accents, and the use of pastels, but it’s all we can do to prevent ourselves from thinking of soft-spun sugar. Which, in a girl’s room, is kind of perfect, as the scheme represents what the world should look like, according to them. Take a look at three cool ways to go about recreating this pink and minty girl’s room, and get inspired to give a little one some fluffiness in their design scheme:

Light And Bright

In this version, a combination of lighter and brighter accents balance out the mellowness of an all-pastel room. For a girl that still needs something a little more “loud,” a few dashes of red and hot pink do the trick.

Print Patterns

Working some prints into the main color scheme makes for a much more vibrant look. And the addition of an egg chair keeps fun front and center

Sweet Accents

To stay focused on the sweeter side of things, accents that keep in line with the sugar and clouds theme does the trick. That, and a perfectly minty bed.

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