One Room, Three Looks: A Dark, Dramatic Living Room


We can't deny the appeal of a space with a heavier, inky palette. It communicates a daring and gutsy spirit, one that isn't afraid to embrace the darker side of life along with the light. A black wall, black furnishings, and a few black skull portraits are redolent of Day of the Dead celebrations and Edgar Allen Poe, inspiring a modern day interpretation of the gothic style. Not ones to turn down the challenge of recreating something so intriguing, three of our staffers reworked this living space with a few of their favorite elements. See the diverse moodboard translations below:


A skeleton illustration sets the ominous tone of this remake of the space, melding well with a hairpin table and the lines in the Moroccan rug. A few black extras set the scene for a version that's focused on detail. 


This version has a decidedly more Scandinavian flavor, drawing on elements like a classic chair, concrete and an unusual drawing. The slick coffee table and sturdy plants lend a modern design touch to this moodboard.


This version focuses on lightweight pieces in a pale palette. But the skull ties the look back to its original goth inspiration, bringing in an element of dark against the light.

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