Out with the Old, In with the West Elm: The NYC Mayor's Mansion Goes Modern


by Kelly Anne Bonner The newest mayor of New York City, Bill de Blasio, did a curious and perhaps shocking thing to some, and a totally predictable one to others. In his move to Gracie Mansion, the age-old and restored-many-times-over official residence of the mayor of NYC, de Blasio found the place far too formal and grand for his own style (and political persuasion). Instead, he chose to outfit his new home in something much less ornate than his predecessors—and more fitting of his own taste—by teaming up with Brooklyn-based furniture house West Elm to outfit the space with a more modern flair. The stately residence juxtaposes interestingly with the items donated by the retailer in exchange for publicity (of which there was much), with the more spartan and simple pieces from the store greatly contrasting with the embellished light fixtures and walls left as is (The New York Times).

Images via The New York Times

The previously bedecked mansion was made over with a more simple, ascetic look from West Elm, which better fit the new mayor's style.

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