The Old Bay Bridge in San Francisco is Turning into an AirBnB Museum


While the majority of the bridge that once connected the East Bay to its seven by seven counterpart will be shipped as scrap metal to China, in a move of great ingenuity, part of the bridge will be saved to open a museum. The design will very much resemble the old bridge—lane markers and all—and costs will be supported by using part of the space as an apartment to be rented out on AirBnB (wonder how much that'll cost!).


Image via Inhabitat
Image via Inhabitat

Our favorite part of this news is that the building plans to be green as possible, implementing rainwater recycling, solar energy, and a green roof in addition to reusing a huge amount of steel—enough to build 16,000 cars.

All we can say is—it's nice to see the repurposing trend has reached outside interior decorating, and can't wait to see what it officially looks like!

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