Mug Type


Mugs outfitted with type go a long way toward helping one wake up in the morning. Whether the phrase is inspirational, funny or just a quip on the brew you're sipping, catching that bit of wisdom at the start of the day can put you in the right mood for the rest of it. Quirky mugs featuring bits of type abound these days; we took the trouble of selecting just six of our favorites that work as perfect ideas for kitchen decor. Catch these cups with some 'tude, after the jump.


What better way to wake up than with a lovely compliment? Even as we groggily wipe the sleep out of our eyes, this mug awaits to let us know that we're beautiful, no matter what.

Image via !ndigo


A pretty sentiment written in pretty letters acts as a reminder of what's important before we head out the door.


A mug working you toward that promotion you deserve (and reminding you of how you live your life in general, of course).

Image via Kate Spade

inner rim

A classy turquoise mug with an inspirational quote lining the inner rim can't be missed as you go in for the next sip. 


This is a mug for the bold personality in you that appreciates the finer things—damn good coffee, and all the rest.

Image via CB2


A sweet sentiment rounds out our list as a perfectly cheerful quip to discover as you reach into that cabinet. Our suggestion? Have them all in stock—you never know what kind of advice you're going to need until you wake up!

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