Moving In Together? Here's Some Non-Cheesy Twosome Decor For Happy Couples


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Whether you're the type to squeal with delight when you see a happy couple walking by or more likely to mimic sticking your finger down your throat, it can generally be agreed that when it comes to couple decor, there's some stuff that's just too cheesy to bear. What with monogrammed towels, wine glasses, figurines and the like, it gets to a point where one is tempted to shout, Alright, enough already!  But, moving in together is a big moment to celebrate in a relationship, too, and that first step toward creating a stronger bond deserves some moments around the new home or apartment commemorating it. We knew not all relationship-themed decor had to be corny, and thankfully the internet proved us right. Here are some of our favorite pieces of non-cheesy couple decor for those moving in together or just need cute—not corny—ways to express their love for one another in their homes. Cheers to the happy couple(s)!
AT RIGHT: Adorable mugs say it all for you to your wonderful partner. Get these ones from Etsy shop ladyandmaker, $15. BELOW: For the couple that likes to cook together, how cute are these team aprons? Available from Etsy shop PressedCotton, $49.
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AT LEFT: How precious is this card via blog McLaughlin Designs? The best part? It's a free downloadable print-out—perfect for hanging in the kitchen (you could even frame it!). BELOW: Here's some pillows that tell the truth about a couple bed when they own a pet, too—sometimes the shared dog or cat can take up all the real estate. Via Etsy shop RKGracePrints, $28.
AT RIGHT: A fun twist on the His and Hers print features vintage illustrations of toiletries—perfect for hanging in the bathroom. These ones are from Etsy shop SweetPeonyPress, $10 each. BELOW: Finally, a perfect set for the couple who imbibes together—and helps one another navigate the course through life. Via Uncommon Goods, $65.
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