Teen Decor Made Chic in Dorm Setting


This week's moodboard of the week is inspired by all that back-to-school shopping everyone is excitedly (or dreading) starting up. If you or your recently-graduated teen is getting ready to move into a dorm setting, we've got an idea for a gorgeous, personalized dorm setting that doesn't involve tons of corkboards, printing out pictures from high school, or even cliche college posters. (Although we at nousDECOR are lovers of kitsch and can appreciate the ubiquitous John Belushi poster where he's in the sweater that says "COLLEGE" from his role in Animal House. Some things never go out of style). Yes—teen decor can be super chic and sophisticated without losing that youthful feel. This inspiration image we got from an article in  Teen Vogue was a perfect example of a room with teen decor that takes an extra step toward college-dorm chic. The perfect mix of a little vintage, some girly, and a few colorful trims bring this look from every-other-dorm to chic teen decor worthy of roommate (and hallmate!) envy. What do you guys think? Sound off below!

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