An Entire Toddler's Room Designed Around a Single Image


This week we were inspired by the idea of designing an entire room around a single special piece. This is a wonderful project for those who, when confronted with an empty room (or in our case, a blank moodboard) have no idea where to start when it comes to designing the room. We find it akin to creating an outfit around your shoes—if you have a special pair that never get worn because they are not neutral enough to blend to an outfit, you start (literally) from the bottom up. The toddler's room this week was designed around his favorite image: a baby fox from The Animal Print Shop.  Says San Francisco interior designer Laurie Betz, who created the look, "We also wanted a fun and hip pattern for the wall – the fox and the triangle chain seemed to fit together perfectly. They give the room a modern Southwestern-meets-boy-scout vibe." We are enamored by this look with a single image as its centerpiece. The simple additions are also just perfect for a toddler's room. We could definitely design many more rooms around this cute print. Would you design a room around a single piece (or have you done this already)? What piece was it? Let us know in the comments below! Check out our moodboard for how to recreate this room:

Image via The Animal Print Shop

whimsical and fun

This look is simple yet fun and it's easy to adapt to your little one's favorite colors. Pair a soft white rug with a rocking chair and plenty of pillows. The fox print — placed on a wall with a vibrant pattern — takes the center stage in this decor. The rest of the elements make it a cozy space. Inspiration Image via The Animal Print Shop.

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