Mint Edition


Fresh is the term pervading our minds lately here at nD headquarters—perhaps it's because our site totally is (re: obviously). Of course mint provides the perfect translation of that feeling—the color is as sassy in interior design as it is in fashion, working marvelously with all kinds of neutrals (black, white, brown woods). See what all the fuss over mint is about—we promise it'll make your space at minimum double the fun:

fine dining

Mint is conspicuous in a gray setting, but delicate enough not to upset the calming balance created by the shadowy shade.

what lies beneath

Just like the fireplace mantle—what a genius update! Except this time, it’s not so changeable. The question is, why would you want to? Inspiration Image via Kassia St Clair

all about the walls

A mint fireplace mantle is pricelessly chic—so easy and changeable an update, we can’t believe we didn’t think of it ourselves. Inspiration Image via Architecture Art Design


We can’t get enough of this bedroom accented with gold. We think it the perfect fit for a teen girl’s room—fresh and unexpected. Inspiration Image via Southshore Decorating Blog

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