Designer Profile: Meet Scott Sanders


Designer Scott Sanders has a knack for pulling together bright, inviting spaces for his clients. Our friends at Viyet spent some time with Scott, learning more about where he gets his inspiration and what makes his designs so special. Read on to get the full story and peek inside one of his recent projects.

“I find that my designs begin with being inspired by the space,” Scott comments on the conception of his interiors. “It might be the architecture, the scale, or the client’s intended use that lays the groundwork for the overall concept.” Scott’s stylistic progression with this space is the archetype of the “New American Style” of which he has established. Blending traditional motifs with contemporary fashion, Scott’s iconic trend promotes the casual luxury that accompanies personally tailored interiors for his clients.

“I work with my office to then find an object, photo, fabric, color, or even a piece of furniture that then sets the tone for the entire project. For example, in this project, I was inspired by the room’s connection to the exterior of the home and immediately knew that the room needed to be bright and cheerful.”

With plentiful sunlight and light colors, this airy, impeccably complemented room takes on a life of its own. It is playful, authentic, and original in its ambition.

Accessories and artwork are important aspects in the building of Scott’s spaces. Distinct embellishments add additional charisma that further express the client’s persona. In this particular room the discrepancy between artwork and furniture is indistinct, as seen in the central coffee table.

“The beautiful area rug from Sacco Carpet inspired the overall look of the room—the colors, the fabrics, and the furnishings all fell into place after that.”

Strong use of color rhyming and design repetition lends the room a natural fluency and helps create a characteristic identity. “Gold and bronze highlights complement the yellow, and the glass accessories in sea palette bring radiance to the room.”

More About Scott: Scott Sanders’ upbeat interiors are always inspired by elements of the space. Known for both his residential and commercial work, Sanders maintains the iconic personality of his “New American Style” that elegantly incorporates traditional styles with the contemporary. Sanders is also known for the publication of various books that document the journey of becoming a designer to detailed accounts of the projects he has completed.

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