You May Not Be Able to Wear White After Labor Day, But Your Home Can


by Kelly Anne Bonner Apparently, the origins of the rule about wearing white after Labor Day are relatively unclear. According to Time, etiquette historians have looked over the reasons they think might have spurred the tradition into a hard-and-fast custom, but dispute remains as to the exact grounds for eschewing the color even among scholars. What's interesting is that despite its sketchy origins, the old-fashioned notion even proceeds into the present day, and while most people don't follow it, most everyone has at least heard of it. If you don't want to break with tradition, we haven't heard anything yet about not being able to do white in the home after Labor Day. So while the etiquette experts ponder the answer to the great question that is exactly why we're not supposed to wear this one shade after Labor Day, the rest of us can cherish the opportunity to deck out our spaces in the non-color. Here's some post-Labor Day inspiration to get you started:

Image via My Lovely Things.

a clear-thinking office

An all-white office space with black accents would certainly clear your head for some creative thinking, as there's no pesky color to distract the eye. Inspiration Image via CocoCozy

clean living

White furnishings and accents create a clean, calm feel in a living room—and work impeccably with wood flooring. Inspiration Image via

light dining a dining space, white and bright makes for an appealing place to sit and eat. We like how the shade adds a twist to a traditional farm table setup. Inspiration Image via My Lovely Things.


The traditional pieces paired with gorgeous lattice work in this bedroom (including in the wallpaper!) make this all-white space arresting. Inspiration Image via 79ideas

dining display

In another dining space, white on white on white (floor, walls, shelves) make a fetching statement when paired with flora. Inspiration Image via The Design Chaser

simple entry

This entry is a good reminder that white can be bold, refreshing, calming, and all the rest—but at heart, it is a good place to start when going simple. This easy, unfussy entryway shows the power of the shade to make a sparingly-decorated space look graceful. Inspiration Image via Concept by Anna.

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