Master's Class: The Art of Feng Shui


Over the years, Feng Shui has been distorted into a lot of different things. Practitioners with little or no training have made people do some crazy things. I once had a Master insist that my client install a mirror in the ceiling of her entry hall, which was subsequently covered in plaster or drywall, but apparently was crucial to her well-being. This may or may not be the case, but extreme solutions like this always make me a bit skeptical. So today’s Master Class is a simple breakdown of Feng Shui and some easy tips to keep in mind in your own home.

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What is Feng Shui?

The literal translation of “feng shui” is wind & water, and it is all about how you balance your energy (Qi) to create a home that accentuates positive energy and downplays negative energy.

How do I achieve it?

Here are some basic tenets to help you create a life of good Qi:

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—To allow a free flow of energy, it is important to keep your home free of clutter and tidy.

—Old or unnecessary stuff is said to harbor bad energy, so make sure you take you spring cleaning very seriously!

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—Fresh air is always going to help. It will distribute the good Qi and flush out the bad.

—Also keep in mind that essential oils or candles to bring in inviting scents too.

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—Natural light is going to be better than anything else.

—Try to open up your space as much as possible.

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—This can be one of the most powerful tools, so think not just of your wall colors, but also about fabrics, pillows and accessories.

—Various colors have different properties. Here is a brief summary:   
Red: Wealth
Green: Growth
Blue: Relaxation
Brown: Stability
Orange: Creativity
Yellow: Cheerfulness
Purple: Romance
Black: Power
White: Cleanliness

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—Bringing in as many natural elements as you can will help

—Even a small plant on your desk will bring more Qi.

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I think you can see an overriding theme here. Wherever possible, keep your home tidy, free of clutter, with lots of bright, natural light and air, with a few plants. I don’t know about you but this sounds like  a great recipe for a beautiful room!

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