Master's Class: Transitioning Your Home Back to Normal After the Holidays


It’s hard to know whether your resistance to clearing out the holiday decorations is sadness to see the holidays over, or dread that we still have months of winter ahead before we get to see spring. Either way, it has to be done, and hopefully this Master’s Class will give you a few helpful tips to turn your winter doldrums into new year delight.

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The first step is clearing out the holiday decorations. This is a super important ritual in our house. We have a big collection of new and vintage ornaments that grows every year, that are met with delight when we put them out. I think it’s crucial that we put them away with equal care. It becomes a family project. While the kids take down the ornaments, the adults carefully wrap and stack them in our large plastic bins. Lights are carefully untangled and put away, and finally the tree is bagged and dragged to the curb.

While much is made of spring cleaning, nothing freshens a mid-winter house like a good thorough clean. I like to use only lightly-scented cleaners, which are enough to rid the house of pine, and to introduce the first beginning of spring florals.

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I think if there were one single theme that I would push for this time of year it is light. We are still in a period of short days, and those days can still be dull and overcast. So this is the time of year I try to bring as much light into my decorations as possible.

Here are a few tips to try:

Winter colors do not necessarily mean all deep reds and blues. Think along the line of the Tsar's winter palace—ice blues, whites, and the lots of sparkle.

I change my throw pillows seasonally, so at this time of year you will see pale blues and silver metallics, but still in velvets and chenilles as a nod to the cool weather.

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I will change out the light bulbs in lamps to a slightly higher wattage. I like the room to feel a lot brighter at this time of year, and will have the lamps on more during the day, too. Try switching to LED as they will give that bright, daylight feel.

Splurge and have some winter flowers around. If cut flowers every week are out of the budget, go to your local plant store and find some potted annuals. With the correct care, they will last for weeks.

Swap out the scents of the candles in your home—no more of those deep, woody scents that are so Christmas-like. Instead, go for something lighter with just a hint of floral.

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Your theme at this time of year is about transition. Holidays are over, and we are laying the groundwork for spring, so bundle up and dream happy, sunny thoughts.

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