Master's Class: Making the Holidays Last


Decorating your home to reflect the holidays is a very important tradition. It helps mark the passing of the year, gives the kids something to to look forward to, and simply makes these special days even more special. 

But boy, can this get expensive—buying and setting up for one, then trading in for another, then another, etc. It all adds up. So today’s Master Class is a bit of a road map on how to make that holiday decorating dollar go further:

1. By the beginning of October, I am setting up my house for harvest festival, bringing in some autumnal color, a pumpkin or two and a wreath on the door.

2. By mid-October, I start to tilt more and more towards Halloween. There are some great adhesive options that I love to use on my pumpkins in lieu of carving them all. This is a great benefit, as I can easily develop a theme (this year it’s all about the spiders).

Image via Martha Stewart

3. Add in some spooky and simple decor elements (spider webs, change out exterior lights to orange, etc.) This will make your home Halloween appropriate without breaking the bank.

4. Now it’s November, and Thanksgiving is right around the corner! So take off all of the adhesive Halloween decoration from the pumpkins and we are halfway there for Thanksgiving decor.

Image via Pretty Little Inspirations

5. I like to add in some greenery here to make a more colorful presentation. Don’t be afraid to start using traditionally Christmas greenery, as it will blend well with your fall colors. It might also be time to start adding some holiday lights, too. Maybe not around the whole house, but its a nice touch to add on some of the trees around your property.

6. A great wreath made of dry twigs with some fall color will complete the look for you.

7. After Thanksgiving, it’s time to make the final switch to a Christmas look. Out go the pumpkins as they are probably getting a bit tired by now anyway. Add some more of that greenery to the base you have already established. Also, add a few more lights to your presentation. If lots of string lights are out of the budget, a few spotlights lighting your home with red and green bulbs can make a dramatic impact.

Image via DigsDigs.

8. The last thing is to add some sparkle to your door wreath—maybe some old tinsel from the tree and a few ornaments that you aren't using. That way, will have a unique and personal holiday wreath.

Following this simple road map will help save you time and money this holiday season. Enjoy!

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