We get it: you use your space as a way to articulate your unbeatable taste, whether that be in music, sports, the outdoors and backcountry, or your winning eccentricities. But mostly, it acts as a reflection of your masculine self, a place that bears your footprint and is completely free of feminine influences (or control). Take a gander at some of the best bachelor pads we found that exude rad style, from the bedroom to the living room to even the billiard room. Time to ditch the man cave for some digs that are as effortlessly cool as you.

Image via Architects Corner

western redux

Pow. We got hit by that picture above the fireplace, too—this room visually recalls the old West, an untamed place of peace makers, law breakers and vigilante justice. It’s harder to get any more masculine than these rough features, and slick additions such as the billiard table and chandelier bring the ways of old to the modern day.

Image via Elle Decor

deep thinker

Bobby D knows how to emanate cool in all decades, and remains to this day one of the most fascinating lyricists and personalities we know. Recall a time of restlessness and sophistication with faintly 60’s chairs and a portrait that exudes quiet brooding. Classy for any male, no matter what era.

Image via Desire to Inspire


There’s not very much here (aside from the incredible wood paneling) but the details that do exist exhibit in just a few spare items the entire personality of the man who lives here: plain and simple, one who doesn’t need much more than his guitar, boots, and a little friend to be happy.

Image via Apartment Therapy

old school

Very old school. This anteroom brings to mind 40’s and 50’s-era high school football fields and basketball gyms, days of strong men and intrepid allstars. It’s amazing how much can be conveyed just through the color scheme and a bit of decor, here—an homage to vintage looks but a distinctly masculine one.

Image via Ideasgn

dusky comforts

A little bit grungy, a little rough around the edges, this pad embodies a lot of character without much “to do” at all. Browns, blacks, and a lot of texture give this space its rugged yet refined attitude, and make it a bedroom for a chill dude, indeed—one that doesn’t mind sleeping with a comforter that looks like it is/might actually be made of burlap.

Image via Yatzer

modern executive

A pad for the gentleman with the ultimate class and taste (and possibly a sweet ‘stache and smoking jacket, we would imagine). An assortment of random albeit highly cultured and genteel elements, such as the trophy animal, portrait, and that staggering tobacco leather couch, make for a very dapper male abode. This is the living room we know Teddy Roosevelt would own if he were alive today.

Image via Our Vintage Home Love

posh and polished

For the guy who likes to keep his space as sharp as his wardrobe, this organization, though slightly old-fashioned in look, is stylish and classic. It is much like the earlier example with the flags, in that it is a modernized version of a vintage look with a nostalgic feel. Plus, nothing is more appealing than a clean, neat and structured space to guests (ahem, especially special ones).

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