This One Simple Trick Will Make Your Backyard Look Like Magic


Even with the advent of the kinds of technology that allow for the most incredible of backyard setups, we've found time and again that sometimes the old ways are best. A backyard with the works—a sound system, a remote-controlled veranda, a deluxe fire pit—takes away that effervescent magic of sitting together outside the house and watching the stars on a warm summer night. While the latest and greatest in backyard additions is nice, we've got an idea for a decor piece that costs next to nothing, and will re-infuse your outdoor spaces with that enchanting atmosphere this season is all about. It's perhaps the oldest trick in the book—in fact, it's so simple, it'll remind you that not every area of the home needs to keep up with the most fashionable, up-to-the-minute trends. For that summer glow, make your backyard look like magic this year by lighting and placing candles all around your outdoor seating areas. Take a peek below to see what we mean—whether they be tea lights or votives or mason jars swinging gently from branches, candles are the secret to transporting guests from a mere backyard to a captivating secret garden that will take their breath away.

just a few

With just a few oversized lanterns featuring large candles inside, an outdoor seating area arrangement is made more charming, yet still retains that casual, relaxed feel through their placement on the floor. Inspiration Image via Cottage and Vine

surrounded by candles

A simple yet enchanting setup features seating surrounded by candles—and, surrounding that, wide open space. Inspiration Image via Charleston Mag

under an umbrella

Make your backyard set up easily transition from day to night by suspending your candles below the umbrella at your seating area. Shade by day, an intimate glow at night—a true win-win situation. Inspiration Image via Martha Stewart

simple and relaxed

Another casual backyard setup features an array of placed in several areas—the table, the grass, the nearby tree. The different kinds of candles lend an elegance to the space that works well with soft grays. Inspiration Image via AKDecoration

under the canopy

Even if you don't have a magnificent canopy of flowers to put your dining arrangement under in your backyard (what, you don't?), hanging a few errant candles in jars will still bring that wow factor to your al fresco entertaining sessions. Inspiration Image via Caroline Gault

keeping it simple

This backyard is the perfect example of the "keep it simple" mantra—an easy chair and table accented with a bundle of hanging candles is the perfect retreat for a summer evening. Inspiration Image via paperblog

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