Lighten Up: Bright Lab By Oh Happy Day! Lets Your Customize Your Own Colorful String Lights


By Eva Recinos We already love everything we see on Oh Happy Day! and now we've got one more reason to love Jordan Ferney: a new string light product called Bright Lab. The new seriously adorable line takes the idea of string lights one step further by letting you customize your own lights. With gorgeous pictures for inspiration, you can play with moods or themes of light sets. We already love a great set of string lights but the idea of creating your own just makes this decor even more fun. How does it all work? We did some (super fun) investigating: All images via Bright Lab.
Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 10.12.28 PM
You can buy already packaged sets on the website with names like "Party Girl," "Metallic Mix" and "Leaves of Grass." If no theme quite matches your style – or you want to get creative — you can create your own color combinations. You can choose to work with a string of 24 or 48 balls. From there, you choose your own colors and drag them onto the string. This makes the process really fun since you can see the colors near each other and decide the order. You can also pick five colors and click on the 'randomize' button to see them arranged in a a different sequence. Pressing this button a few times yields even more arrangements. Right now it looks like this portion of the website gives you 39 colors to work with; a string of 24 lights costs $29.95 and 48 lights costs $49.95. In the "Spare Parts" section you can also choose colors individually to replace others; here, the options are 40 different colors.
Perhaps the second most fun part of the website is browsing through the gallery. This very obviously shows the brand that Oh Happy Day! is so well-known for in the blogosphere. The photos are bright, fun and whimsical. In one, metallic string lights are paired with a black wall, terrarium and simple white chair to create a chic and modern look. In another photo, bright yellows and orange contrast against a simple brown couch. These are great inspiration if you don't quite know where to place your string lights or how to match them with other decor. In the FAQ section, the website also clears up that the lights can be used outdoors so long as they don't get wet (because they're made of cotton). With so many decorating possibilities — and the chance to design your own strings of lights – Bright Lab is definitely a fun website even if you're not ordering lights right away.

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