Let it Go—Decor Pieces to Purge in the New Year


We realize the timelines for decor function a bit differently from that of fashion. You don’t necessarily feel the need to switch out your vases and frames from season to season, and your “old-standbys” have expiration dates closer to a decade over a few years or so.

But. This is not to say that your decor game couldn’t use a little upping every few years, especially when those “old standbys” become just plain “old.” Unlike with fashion, though, it can be harder to clean out some of those tried-and-true pieces that have defined your home for quite some time. It’s hard to know which pieces are worth treasuring for a few more years and which pieces should be hitting that yard with a sale sign—stat. Luckily for you, we came up with a handy list of items we’ve deemed purge-worthy, ones that will make it that much easier to bring covetable new stuff into your home that won’t be cluttered by the worn-out ones. Just think of all the trendy items you won’t have to pass up on anymore while going through this list, and hopefully it’ll encourage you—when it comes to the pieces below—to (what else?) let it go.

Image via Curbed.

1. That item you bought from one of those Target designer collabs that you don’t actually really like

Yes, yes, there was a massive amount of hype, and you managed to snag this one piece in the melee that ensued. But now that the brouhaha is long over, you have to ask yourself: do you even like stripes that much? Just as with clothes, we all get sucked into the appeal of buying a piece with a brand name. But if that brand name doesn’t fit your personal brand, it’s just not worth keeping. Next.

Image via Jaunty Dame.

2. Your super old doormat

It’s trusty, it’s reliable, it’s....been there forever. Come to think of it: just how many seasons has this thing been through? Do you even want to know? Finally, may we suggest some alternatives

Image via Kaboodle.

3. Those pieces from when you were going through your “___” phase

We get it. You were just really into polka dots, okay? We’re not here to judge. But now that you’re over them, may we suggest a new pattern to try on? No?

....You are over them, right? 

Image via Azahar-Sevilla.

4. That flea market piece you're (and always have been) kind of “eh” about

There is no greater disappointment than taking a rare Sunday to aimlessly wander a flea market only to discover—gasp—there’s nothing you’re really interested in taking home. It gets to the point where you want to find something, anything that’s interesting to give your home that vintage, unique charm (oh, and not be forced to call this whole trip a bust). And this is what you ended up with. While it may have worked out for a while, you have to own up that if you don’t love it, you have to trade it in for something worthy of being in your home.

Image via Etsy.

5. All the (non-sentimental!) decor pieces from more than 10 years ago

Of course we’re not talking about sentimental pieces from weddings or gifts or travels, or things you still, over time, have grown to really really love. We would never ask you to get rid of those, and in fact those are the pieces that make your house special and all you.

But, if none of the above applies and you’ve had it over a decade, we think it’s time to do a little re-evaluating on that piece. Who knows—maybe this is the year you get a fresh new lamp or coffee table, and that’ll be the new standby for years to come you could grow to love, too.

Image via The Container Store.

6. Items that went into and never made it back out of storage

Okay, it’s in a box where no one can see it. You put it away for a reason (and not because it’s a seasonal piece). If we may be permitted to get all tech-y on you, it’s time to delete your cache. 

Image via Yellow Brick Home.

7. Empty candles

That’s just sad. Obviously it’s time to reuse those pretty glasses for something else. Oh, and get new candles

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