6 Jazzy, Colorful Spaces Inspired by Kate Spade


Kate Spade has glam down to a such a tee, the brand and the adjective are practically synonymous. In fact, her aesthetic has elevated the concept to practically an art form, where hot pink, polka dots, gold and glitter rule just about every look. Not ones to stand by and simply admire her taste, we sought to take Kate Spade's charming, charismatic style and infuse it into our spaces. Take a peek at these looks inspired by Kate Spade, and start getting ready to bring her one-of-a-kind aesthetic home—in all its jewel toned glory.


Bright bursts of color are exactly it when bringing this look in. Punch up any neutral looking areas with fun accents in lively hues.


Bold, deeply-saturated hues of green and blue complements outrageous art and jewelry beautifully, as the designer well knows. 

perfect combo

Gleaming gold, bright pink, and a crystal chandelier practically scream Kate Spade.

on point

The living room version of this look brings in signature gold and pops of color with an on-point neon sign. 


How could we have forgotten her classic black and white stripes? Infuse it into an accent wall for a perfect mix of elegance and punch.

jewel toned

And black and white works well with a rich, jewel toned green in this bedroom. Commence collecting colorful accents now.

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