J. Crew Creative Director Jenna Lyons' Closet


Image via The Avarice

Gorgeous. Clean. Modern. These are the words that come to mind with one look at Jenna Lyons' closet—but who would have thought anything otherwise? The forever fabulous creative director of the literally-always-perfect fashion house J. Crew has an expectedly stately, well-organized closet with a bit of whimsy thrown in for good measure. The elements we see working here: 

1) A dresser in the center of the room. Earlier iterations of her closet show she once had a couch there, and switched it out for a gorgeous, solid dresser. We suspect it's to do with organization—a single dresser does a lot to bring lingerie and jewelry into place. 

2) Display. In the best kinds of closets, storage also acts as display—when your dressing room resembles a sales floor of a store, you want to wear everything (and the good news is, you've already paid for it!). 

3) Bits of whimsy. We mentioned earlier that this closet's charm comes from the decorative pieces that add just the right touch—the horns, the pendant light, and velvet stool do a lot to give this closet some personality without infringing on practicality (there's plenty of room to move around in here, and the decor does not take precedence over the clothes). Click "get this look" to catch all the cool things going on in this closet. We know we'll be taking notes...and possibly be heading to our nearest J. Crew. (Any chance you think they'll start doing home decor? Re: our ultimate wishlist.)

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