2017 Design Trends at High Point's Fall Market


For those of you who are lucky enough to be working with an Interior Designer, you are probably wondering where they went for about a week in the middle of November. Well, if they were missing there's a good chance they were in High Point, NC for the semi-annual furniture show. For those who have never been, it can be a bit hard to describe and for those that are there it can be just downright overwhelming.

High Point is a small town in rural North Carolina in the middle of the traditional furniture industry area of the US. As such it grew up as the town where buyers would come to see the latest and greatest in the furniture world. Although not a whole lot of manufacturing still occurs in the area it is still the undisputed market king. So twice a year designers, buyers, and sundry others make the pilgrimage to see the latest in decor style and spot the new trends.

So what are the trends that I spotted? I think there were three big ones:


Having that artisanal handmade look is important. Irregular, imperfect, and offbeat are all the hallmarks to look for.

Interior design trends from High Point Market: artisanal and handmade

The Laszlo Lamp via MadeGoods

Interior design trends: a handmade look

The Kenzi Wool Rug via Dash & Albert

Trends in interior design for 2017: a handmade look

Firewood Storage via Four Hands


Bright shiny brass continues to be an eye catcher! Check out these hot pieces.

Design trends for 2017: metals and metallics

The Dax Chandelier via Shine By S.H.O.

Trends in interior design for 2017: metals

The Funnel Accent Table via Alden Parkes

High Point Market trends: metallics

The Frye Lamp via Arteriors


Now you see me, now you don’t–the semi transparency of cutouts is a hot new trend and one we are bound to see more of.

Interior design trends: cutouts in furniture in decor

The Fish Eye Table via Global Views

Interior design trends from High Point Market

The Cidre Coffee Table via Kravet

Cutouts in furniture and decor: trending in 2017

The Legend Stool via Noir

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