Woodblock Letters, Sunday Market Shopping, & More


Well, well, well: looks like you guys had some fun this weekend! We saw the resulting gorgeously retouched and unretouched (#nofilter!) photos you all took of your outings, projects and rad design-centered activities.

In case you missed our other posts, let me quickly run over the rules of how to get featured. You tag us (@nousdecor or at #nousdecor) in the awesome decorating and design projects you started or have ongoing over the weekend, or the cool finds from vintage stores and flea markets you visited during your time off, and we collect all your exciting posts and inspire others with your progress and great camera eye.

Time to see what your fellow design and decor-obsessed counterparts are up to, after the jump.

Image via @aida_o

@aida_o Nice Sunday at #williamsburg #fleamarket #ny#nofilters

Image via @apanhado

@apanhado Saindo do comum! #decor #design #decoração

Image via @jmegflo

@jmegflo More little additions: Arcade sign, plate, bowl centerpiece, waffle shelving, and woodblock letters.

Image via @allthingsfiery_atf

@allthingsfiery_atf ❤ ✔ #allthingsfiery #interior #interiordesign#interiors

Image via @drkornea

@drkornea Enjoying a productive day off of work. Need more staples! #echino

Image via @introducingm

@introducingm Moving around in the livingroom #livingroom#rearranging #interior

Image via @alexaadeantrittinteriors

@alexaadeantrittinteriors #interior #interiordesign #decorating

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