Ingenious Style Tricks Learned Top Home Decor Pins 2013

As we plunge excitedly into the new year, ready to improve our homes with a set of resolutions as optimistic as the ones we set for ourselves, perhaps the most useful source of guidance for our house reawakening is none other than the year we’ve left behind. That’s right—the end-of-the-year home decor trends of 2013 that ascended to the top of the list as our favorites on Pinterest provide some of the most useful restyling and revamping ideas for the year to come. Our editors at nD analyzed the set of images that garnered the most repins and extracted exactly what got them to looking that way. Here are the ingenious style tricks we learned:

We ♥ stylish storage solutions.

These include, but are not limited to, buying glass jars to uniform the look of your dry goods on your shelves, adding custom hooks for mugs and the like, and, of course, adding a magnetized strip for your knives (which get them out of the block, off the counter, and on a nice visual display). The best part is coordinating all of these elements onto one harmonious wall of your kitchen. Start with your favorite of these elements and work from there. Perfect 2014 kitchen countdown, commencing now.

Vertical shelving is in. 

We called it in our design for the broke college student post—the new way to organize your library is through vertical stacking of sideways tomes on floating shelves. There is something cleaner and different to the look—and for space preservation, it prevents you from having a heavy shelving unit taking up several square inches of precious flooring area. Seems like 2014 is definitely looking up (sorry, we couldn’t resist!).

A mirror on the floor = more.

A vertical mirror placed on the floor adds instant volume and dimension to your space (not to mention an easy way to check up on your outfit before heading out for the day, or taking that #selfie). Besides its space-opening power, we find leaning a mirror on the floor brings a much more casual-chic vibe to a room than hanging it traditionally. It turns out leaning is the new, more stylish (and luckily, easier) way to go.

All white is alright.

As our dedicated post on the color suggests, nothing emphasizes a fresh, clean feeling to a room better than bright white (well, this photo may feature an exaggerated version of the white look, but you get the idea). The color (or lack therof) couples with areas that get a lot of sun very well, so featuring it near a window, as this set-up does, will work wonders.

(And if you like the photo for the furnishings…looks like this is the year to get a porch swing!).

That’s so 2013. 

If you’re bold, try this room on for size: it simply gathered all the contemporary decor trends and went all-out. This space encapsulates many of the decor trends that have blown up our Pinterest feeds this past year, including, but not limited to: vertical shelving, geometric pieces, neon accents, splashy printed pillows and rugs, a mirrored coffee table—even, of course, a terrarium. Before viewing this room, we didn’t think it was possible to successfully jam so many trends into one room. But this photo proved otherwise. And it’s magical.

We suggest picking your favorite two trends (just like with clothing!) and updating your place with them. Time to bring your home into a stylish 2014.

We want our homes to look like Mad Men. 

Finally, Pinterest home decor obsessors, well, obsessed over this backyard set-up. We can totally dig it—there’s something vaguely retro about this outdoor area, redolent of 60’s lawns with boozy gatherings, or a glam backside to the white picket fence ideal. It blends a modern minimal look with playfully reminiscent additions, creating a spare yet whimsical and totally vintage-60’s-California vignette in the process. The secret formula to creating a look like this? Choose a theme and go as simple and spare as possible. You’re welcome.

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