How to Get the Open Concept Look Without Knocking Down Any Walls


In the interest of full disclosure, I am not a fan of huge open space homes. I like rooms to be defined, at least on some level, by their use. I feel that this definition creates a home that you read and understand like a book, not like the open space home that is like a poster.

Having said that, openness in a variety of degrees can be a great tool to use to help solve a lot of problems, especially those having to do with light and layout. So how do you go about achieving this? Read on for a few quick tips.

open concept design

Be Consistent

My first recommendation is continuity. Pick one thing that will remain constant as you go from space to space. It might be a deep brown walnut floor, or the color and height of the ceiling, or as a more drastic approach the wall color. By having one common element you will create a visual key for your eye to go seamlessly from space to space, without create monotony.

loft style open concept design

Embrace the Loft Look

One of the hallmarks of an open style is the “loft” look that is so popular now. To achieve this, keep clutter to a minimum, use as few window coverings as possible and a fairly monochromatic scheme that, at least in the basics remains the same from space to space.

use a very large mirror to open up your space

Mirror, Mirror

Using large - I'm talking really large - mirrors will always open up a space. You might want to consider floor mounted mirrors about the size of your doors to create the illusion that the space continues. A wall of mirror can really explode a space, but be sure to keep in mind what you will see in the reflection. Ideally it will reflect another opening, creating the sense that your rooms go on and on.

float furniture away from walls to give illusion of more space

Float On

The last suggestion is much harder to do in a smaller space but it's worth a try if you have a segmented larger space. That is, try to float the furniture off the wall. Even a space of 12-18” will have an effect. This works well for big pieces like a sofa or even a bed.

Looking for more help pulling this look off in your own home? We can help. Tell us more about your style and space to get started.

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