How to Fix Your Less-Than-Pretty Floors

No matter how much you decorate a room, there are some factors you can’t quite change — at least not without totally tearing down the space. Sometimes eyesores pop up in the least expected and most inconvenient areas. You might have an awkward space you can’t deal with or, even worse, a space as big as a floor that just doesn’t look appealing.

This is an especially tough situation for renters. You can’t permanently alter your space, but every time you step into a room and see that same ugly floor, you almost feel like looking for a new apartment altogether. Thankfully, a few creative minds out there found clever ways to hide a less-than-perfect surface. If your decor clashes with your floor in the worst ways possible, consider looking for some creative solutions. Check out some of our favorite ways to recreate these tricks and design a new, exciting space beneath your feet:

eclectic and fun

If you love a great rug, covering up a floor is a great excuse for some major shopping. Layering rugs can not only keep an eyesore hidden but also great a unique look in any room. Try pairing these rugs with quirky lamps and bright accents.

quick change

In order to deal quickly and easily with an unattractive kitchen floor, try using rubber sheets. This look uses black rubber to create a smooth floor. The dark color also brings more attention to the kitchen’s accents and pops of color.

DIY project

We found quite a few floor cloths to cover an unsightly design but this DIY pattern definitely takes the cake. The cloth looks chic and works well with dark walls and yellow accents. We doubt your guests will suspect you made it yourself.

bold and modern

We would never guess that this stylish floor is actually made up of square carpet tiles. The folks over at Flor know a thing or two about designing tiles that easily transform any floor. You can use them to create a bold look by making it a feature in your overall decor.

paint trick

Just a little bit of vinyl paint can go a long way. To cover up a vinyl floor that looks far from appealing, change up the color or add a fun pattern. This black and white striped pattern turns a floor from drab to interesting with minimal effort.


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