How to Design the PERFECT Entryway [VIDEO]


Stop us if you recognize this one: stepping into a home and spotting, on the way in, a few coat hooks and a bowl on a side table to collect keys. Perhaps there's an area with cubbies for placing shoes, and a stray tabletop piled with junk mail and other random stray items. Sound familiar? 

While generally functional, these telltale pieces of an entryway are so unmistakable simply because everyone has them. It's unfortunate that this standard design has become so prominent in many homes, as the first foray into anyone's residence should not be so lacking in personal style. As an introduction to your space and as a way to tell others—and maybe more importantly, yourself—about your personality and what you care about through visual cues, the entryway deserves some time and thought devoted to it. 

nousDECOR Chief Designer Mark Cutler has more than a few creative ideas for how to design the perfect entryway. In our latest video, he also shows that you don't have to sacrifice function to create some sparkle and intrigue in this area of your home. Check out below how he breaks down the entrance to a space in a way that makes it a no-brainer to dress up—and use: 

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