How to Decorate with Modern and Vintage Furniture [VIDEO]


Even if you're a modernist through and through, for one reason or another you'll probably end up owning a few antique pieces, via inheritance or otherwise. And the reverse is true, too—even the staunchest of antiques collectors will wind up at some point with more modern items, whether it's via a significant other with different taste or furniture that's just not available in vintage. Whatever the reason, the question will arise as to how to mix pieces from different time periods without it looking like a mush. Chief Designer Mark Cutler is here to help. 

Mark has been tasked many a time with incorporating a mix of vintage and modern furniture into a space. In fact, you could say it's his specialty. There's kind of a secret to blending old and new pieces, and it involves just a bit of pre-planning when adding new items into a space.  

Click here to see this mix of modern and vintage items on nousDECOR. 

In our latest video, Mark reveals his process for designing a home featuring both retro and contemporary pieces—and shows that it's not so hard to accomplish yourself. Watch below how to effortlessly mix old and new for a timeless and elegant result, like this recent space he did for a client in San Francisco: 

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